Our Reno ASE Certified Technicians Specialize in the Auto Repair and Maintenance of the following Makes:

  • Foreign (Japanese) – Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru

  • Domestic (USA) – Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable auto repair service shop in Reno that specializes in Japanese makes for Honda repairs, Toyota repairs, Lexus repairs, Subaru repairs? Or do you have a need for Domestic repairs for your Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, or Jeep?

Well, there are many things to look for when finding a reputable and honest automotive repair shop or service center in the Reno area. Since there are so many automotive service companies, it might be quite confusing to pick the right repair shop to fix your vehicle.

That is where “WE” come in. In fact, Silver State Automotive is one of the preferred auto repair shops and brake service centers serving customers throughout the Reno, NV area since 1993. All mechanical services in our shop are performed by highly qualified and experienced ASE certified technicians.


Call our experienced auto repair technicians for a reliable estimate of any automotive issue you are facing right now.

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We Care About Your Automotive Service & Maintenance

These are the Auto Repair Services We Provide:

Brake Service

Reliable Brakes is very important. Here at Silver State Automotive, we will check and replace your brakes and rotors.

Electrical Fuel Injection Systems

We can calibrate and clean your fuel injection system for a better gas mileage!

Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics is the software that links your computer’s sensors and processors with the device used by the technician will highlight the following areas: Faults in the engine, ignition coil power, rpm and temperature & coolant.

Cooling Systems

Regular checkups for the cooling system will make sure the engine will not suffer from overheating. We will check and test all components from the thermostat, radiator caps, hoses, heater and water pump, as well as the engine fan.

4WD/AWD Systems

4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles come with complex interconnected parts that include the transfer case, hub locks, drive shafts and drive differentials. We will ensure that these are calibrated to have your vehicle giving out the best performance and fuel efficiency.

Nitrogen Inflation

Although regular air contains 78% nitrogen, pumping in full nitrogen has its benefits. Nitrogen filled tires ensure consistent tire pressure throughout any driving conditions. Whereas, regular air contains water vapor which affects the tire pressure depending on the temperature and other gases that will more likely migrate from the tire out to the surface.

Suspension and steering systems

Suspension and steering systems safety and comfort are a top priority with this specific auto system. We will ensure steering and suspension calibrations are near perfect. We also check the shocks and springs as well as the actual steering mechanism to make sure they will be durable enough to withstand the driver’s needs.


Carburetors are devices that mixes air and fuel for internal combustion engines in the proper ratio for combustion. We will make sure your carburetors are still fit and make necessary adjustments to the mix ratio.

Climate control systems

The primary purpose of Climate control systems is to manage the temperature of a given area based on settings by a user of the system.

Exhaust systems

From welding holes shut to replacing the catalytic converters and mufflers. Making sure the vehicle will be compliant with the noise and emissions requirements required on the road.  

Engine Diagnostic & Performance

Even though most vehicles today are hooked up to a computer, there are still some vehicles who require an old-fashioned visual inspection. Our certified mechanics will ensure the vehicle engine will be in good condition and will perform tune-ups or any necessary maintenance for good engine performance and fuel economy.

Preventive Maintenance

Having an overall vehicle check-up everytime you hit 3,000 miles or before long drives will ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Diagnosing a potential problem will go a long way in terms of saving you a very expensive breakdown repair or engine overhaul.

Replacing Car Batteries

Even though the average lifespan of a car battery is 4 years, having it replaced when it begins to lose charge can prevent you from not being able to start your vehicle.

Electrical & Sensors

If your vehicle’s Electrical systems or sensors fail, they can be quite frustrating, presenting odd vehicle behavior or worse preventing your vehicle from working altogether.

Our Commitment to Auto Service Excellence

ASE Certified Repair Shop in Reno, NV

Silver State Automotive’s auto repair service commitment to excellence includes high auto repair standards to ensure that our technicians always provide the best auto service available in Reno, NV.

If you have been searching for a reliable Japanese or Domestic made auto repair shop or service center for Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Lexus, or Jeep in Reno, you don’t need to look further than our auto shop.

Total customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Silver State Automotive has a long-standing reputation in the Reno area for quality vehicle repairs and maintenance services. Whether you require a routine maintenance service or a comprehensive repair, contact our expert technicians by calling, visiting us personally or through our website. Our team would respond to all calls within seconds, and answer all your questions and concerns regarding your upcoming repair.

Choose Silver State Automotive Repair Reno, Here’s Why:

Experienced Technicians

Silver state automotive have experienced mechanics with a passion for specific makes and car models which can lead you to work with the same mechanic every time your car needs help.

Decrease your costs

If you want a Honda, Subaru, Lexus, Toyota, and Jeep performance auto parts used in your auto repairs, you may think that the dealership is the only way. Fortunately, Silver State Automotive can provide the same parts as your dealership without the inflated cost. They are more willing to pass along the savings to their customers than a dealership may be.

Time efficient

Going to Silver state automotive, Reno NV will save you time than going to your car dealership to set up an appointment.

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