Common Types of Jeep Auto Repair in Reno, NV

Jeep Oxygen Sensor Replacement


The function of the oxygen sensor in your car is to check the concentration of unburned oxygen within the exhaust and relay that information to the computer. The reading tells the computer when it is necessary to modify the air-fuel ratio for better performance of the catalytic converter. The oxygen sensor is also a helpful part of its capacity to gauge current performance of the catalytic converter for possible weakness.

Jeep Spark Plug replacement

Spark plugs (which ignites fuel within the cylinders) also often runs into problems. Sometimes people will replace this part themselves to save money. That is fair. On the other hand, “because faulty spark plugs can reduce your gas mileage or melt your car’s significantly more expensive catalytic converter,” says MainStreet, “having them replaced by a certified mechanic may actually be worth the added expense.”

Manifold Gasket Replacement on Jeeps

This component will often develop leaks, which means that air or a blend of air and gasoline can get in between your engine parts, leading to corrosion. With leakage, your performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency suffer.

Loose Fuel Caps on Jeeps

Do you have a “check engine” light bugging you? Often the reason that light is triggered is as simple as a missing gas cap. If you don’t have a gas cap, your gas mileage takes an average hit of 0.5%. While that percentage may seem small, the total numbers are shocking: 147 million gallons of gas evaporate each year because of faulty or lost fuel caps.  Just another thing you should have on your mental checklist of easy things to spot while owning and maintaining a car.

Jeep Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement

This is the 9th most common repair among all cars out there and Jeep with all of their ruggedness is no exception.  You should always ask your local auto repair shop if they see anything wrong and if you do not know if anything is wrong then you can always just stop by and we can help you with any questions you may have.