Common Types of Subaru Auto Repair in Reno, NV

Subaru A/C System O-Rings

one common complaint during extremely hot days is the air conditioning is blowing out warm air.  With Subaru’s, we see a lot of worn out O-Rings that seal the A/C System.  Once a leak is identified and fixed the system can be recharged with refrigerant allowing the air conditioning to function properly again.

Subaru  C/C Axle DOJ Boots

The C/V axle has two join an inner and an outer which are typically lubricated with a type of grease.  The inner boot is the most likely to give you problems.  The boot can split and break open allowing for leaking grease to exit your car.  The smell can resemble that of a burnt piece of toast if not worse.  This can also lead to the joints in your car wearing themselves out even faster.  Which will lead to axle repair and other types of repair later down the road?

Subaru Front Suspension Bushing – Lower Control Arm Bushing, Sway bar Bushing

In a dry climate like Reno Nevada, the weather can accelerate the cracking of rubber parts such as belts and bushings.  The lower arm bushing and sway bar bushings are common rubber suspension components inside of Subaru vehicles.  While driving in the dry desert of Nevada you should ask your automotive repair shop to look over any kind of rubber joints.

Subaru Head Gaskets

Head gaskets in Subaru’s can leak and cause problematic issues.  The head gaskets contain both engine oil and coolant passages and if they fail they can allow leaks of many other fluids inside or outside of the engine compartment.

Common Symptoms of Subaru Head Gasket Leak

  1. Low coolant
  2. Low Oil Levels
  3. Overheating engine

We do not recommend adding generic leak stopping products as they can also begin to clog up other areas inside of your car.

Subaru Oil Cooler O-ring

On most Subaru models a single O-ring sits above the oil filter and if leaking, can be replaced in about the time it takes to do an oil change.  This is an easy repair that is unaddressed can have a catastrophic result later down the road.